Best Mobile Brand Campaign Slogan

Best Mobile Brand Campaign Slogan

An Advertising slogan is usually a short tagline-less than five words-that tells potential customers the benefits they can expect when choosing your product or services, or establishes your company BRAND. Most SLOGANS are catchy, declarative phrases that use devices such as metaphors, alliteration or rhymes with simple, vibrant language.

Here I have shared most successful campaign slogans from mobility giants:
Connecting People :NOKIA

Perhaps “Connecting People: NOKIA” is what almost every person, have seen when used mobile for the first time in our country. NOKIA was once synonym on mobile phone even in rural part of our country. We trusted its quality said “NOKIA KA BHAROSA” and that fame lived till now. Brand rules industry like no other brand, in all the categories.


                                                       nut gut & glory : MICROMAX

MICROMAX – Brand that changed all industry law. Its positioning & re-positioning become case study of industry every time. Its recent logo modification and campaign is strategically youth centered, getting serious respect from youth customer globally. They never shy off any logo or slogan modification, I believe they are brave enough to do so.         

  “Hello Moto” : MOTOROLA


It was way back in 2013 when dead giant suddenly waved entire mobility pundits. Moto-G was launched through e-commerce platform in India and since then whole Smartphone industry changed. We can say it was Motorola on-line sale revolution that benched mobiles on-line sale. But they kept “Hello Moto” as their slogan because it had powerful impact previously and just like NOKIA’S “connecting people” is still recalled with emotion.

                                                    “Never Lets You Down” : LAVA

Trust me I have never seen M.S Dhoni as handsome as he appeared in LAVA TV commercials. LAVA-Brand has stable channel down the line and they are very much loyal to the company. Its recent campaign with legendary cricketer M.S Dhoni was good branding move. “M.S Dhoni” himself have #Captain_Cool  image and very much youth centric reputation. Content of campaign was very powerful and interactive.As audience I loved its all articulation. I will not talk about if it was a successful campaign or not but it was perfectly executed and matched with target customers, brand offerings and reputation.

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